Spring 2017 Meeting Time: Fridays 5:00 PM in BLB060

We are a group of students at the University of North Texas in Denton. We focus on educating ourselves and others about the four fields of anthropology, and how they are relevant to our daily lives.
We spend our time giving back to our community (on and off campus), holding events for fellow students, and exploring new ways to have fun.

If you're at UNT, feel free to come hangout! All Anthro majors, minors, and enthusiasts are welcome. :)
Feel free to email us with any comments or questions - anthropeopleunt@gmail.com

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 30th Meeting

3 things about tomorrow's meeting..

1.) Membership forms - turn yours in OR get one and fill it out if you haven't already!!
2.) Start bringing in non-perishable food items for ExtravaCANza. :) Fighting hunger, y'all.
3.) PiƱata..

Here's what else to expect:
1. General announcements
2. Discuss Campecine and have members sign up. (Minimum five people) 
3. Talk about Adopt-a-Bloc, The Big Event, ExtravaCANza; pass around signup sheets. 
4. Signup sheets for tabling and flier distribution. 
5. Discuss Relay For Life. 
6. Discuss possible funding events for the spring. (Garage sale?) 
7. Discuss possible dates for the Oklahoma trip. (March 23rd?)
8. Discuss dues and more about being a member. 
9. SuRpRiZe ;)

We're meeting at 7pm in LANG 114 !
See ya there

Ashley Givens
University Relations, ASA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

~ First Meeting of Spring 2013 ~

Tomorrow is our first official meeting as a group, and we have so much to talk about!
It's going to take place in the Union, room 413, at 7pm.

There is a slight possibility that our meeting location & time WILL change after tomorrow's meeting. We are still working out some kinks.
So stay posted in order to remain as un-lost as possible. :)

Tomorrow's meeting agenda
1. Announcements
2. Round-Table Introductions (Name, Major, Things you hope to see happen in ASA, Interesting factoid about you)
3. What ASA does, What it means to be in ASA, Presentation of Spring 2013 schedule
4. Signing up for Service Events (Campecine, The Big Event, Adopt a Block) & for Oklahoma Trip (trip days will be decided at next meeting)
5. Signing up new and old members! We will have membership forms at this meeting. (Dues are due February 6th)
6. Discuss meeting time
7. Games (prize: $25 gift card!), food, and surprise afterwards.

So excited to see everyone tomorrow!

Ashley Givens
VP of University Relations

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome Back Bash & Reception w/ EBB :)

As most of you know, we had our big recruiting events last week!

ASA @ Welcome Back Bash was a HUGE success. Our beautifully decorated table and super fun map game drew in a LOT of new faces, all of which I hope to see at future ASA events. :)

As you can tell from the pictures, we had a blast.
(I may or may not have added inspirational music that starts when you click the speaker...)

* Special thanks to members Addison & Madison for volunteering their time and copious amounts of energy to the Welcome Back Bash. :) *

ASA also teamed up with Engaged Beyond Borders to throw a fantastic reception Thursday night, which allowed us all to get to know each other better and showcase what our two organizations are all about!
As usual, we got a little crazy with our picture poses. :p

* Super special thanks to EBB for a wonderful night!! *
Just in case you guys missed the reception and want to know more about Engaged Beyond Borders, you can go HERE for more info.

More fun events to come! :)

Ashley Givens
VP of University Relations

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Opportunities!

What's up ASA members and enthusiasts!?

During winter break, ASA officers have been meeting and planning some fantastic stuff for the Spring 2013 semester. We have a lot of recruiting events coming up, as well as our first official ASA meeting of the year! Whoooo!

January 16th: Welcome Back Bash!
This is a recruiting event for the groups and organizations of UNT! The event will include FREE food, a mechanical bull, a DJ, and more FREE stuff. ASA will have a recruiting table complete with prizes, treats, and member sign up!

We will be partnering up with Engaged Beyond Borders during this semi-formal recruiting event during which there will be free food and discussion of upcoming events, as well as opportunities to sign up as a member for both ASA and Engaged Beyond Borders.

January 23rd: ASA's First Meeting of 2013!
Come hear about ASA and all the exciting events we have planned! I know I speak for all of the officers when I say we are SO excited to see everyone, old and new. :)

I hope y'all had a great winter break :) It's going to be a fantastic semester!

To the right you'll see we added a new column. This includes all events planned for the Spring 2013 semester, as well as any volunteer/resume-building opportunities and other interesting tidbits of information that may interest you! It will be updated regularly.

Your Spring 2013 Co-Vice President of University Relations,
~ Ashley Givens ~