Spring 2017 Meeting Time: Fridays 5:00 PM in BLB060

We are a group of students at the University of North Texas in Denton. We focus on educating ourselves and others about the four fields of anthropology, and how they are relevant to our daily lives.
We spend our time giving back to our community (on and off campus), holding events for fellow students, and exploring new ways to have fun.

If you're at UNT, feel free to come hangout! All Anthro majors, minors, and enthusiasts are welcome. :)
Feel free to email us with any comments or questions - anthropeopleunt@gmail.com

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New ANTH Elective Class

Dr. Nunez-Janes (profe) has created a new class for the Spring 2014 semester, called Community Engagement Through Action Research (Anth 4701.027) that meets Wednesdays at 2pm.

It will be a project based class, in which we will learn about PAR (Participatory Action Research), community engagement and scholarly activism within anthropology, and utilize an action research framework. It will count as an elective.

A flyer will be sent out soon, so keep an eye out!

- AG

Life After College!

Hello friends!

We are holding our Life After College panel tomorrow at 5:30pm, in LANG 201.

Come grab some refreshments, and learn more about getting a job after college from our guests: 3 grad students, Laura Lamb (ASA's former prez!) over Skype, Dr. Davenport, Dr. Collins, and Ms. Smith from the Career Center.
All of these people will be there to talk about their collegiate experiences, anthropology, how to get a job, and/or anything else you want to pick their brain about!
So come with questions or topics you'd like them to speak on! :)

Can't wait to see you guys!

- Ashley Givens

Monday, October 7, 2013

ForgottenSong Fundraiser

I received this email from a person that recently graduated from UNT, and she's asked me to spread the word about her fundraiser for an organization called ForgottenSong.

I graduated from UNT this past May, and I was hoping you could share the following information about a fundraiser I'm participating in with any of your connections, possibly during one of your meetings. 

 The organization is called ForgottenSong and their mission is "to identify and eradicate causes for human suffering among the disenfranchised population of war-torn societies through education, vocation and meeting physical needs." They have crafted several projects; below is information regarding the specific project/fundraiser I am helping with. 

 Race for Febby- Uganda Poultry Project: 
I am running a half-marathon on December 15th with the goal to raise $12,000 for ForgottenSong in order to fund an entire poultry farm in Uganda. The motivation behind this project is to see orphanages and similar organizations across Uganda become self-sustainable and empowered while simultaneously improving the local economy through job creation and increased economic productivity. 
To learn more about the Uganda Poultry Project, you can go to http://forgottensong.org/projects/info/uganda and http://forgottensong.org/blog/blog_post/back_to_the_basics_part_4 (the justification of the poultry project). 
You can also watch this video: http://forgottensong.org/media/media_post/uganda_poultry_project I have also set up a Facebook page, hoping to spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/RaceForFebby2013 
To give, donors can go to https://forgottensong.webconnex.com/raceforfebby and select me as the runner they would like to support. I'm trying to raise the money by December 1st; however, donations will be accepted after that. 
Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions. 

All the best, 
Chelsea Berry

Have a great day!~

Ashley Givens

Thursday, October 3, 2013

General Meeting 10/3

We'll be meeting in the usual place at the usual time!
Tonight, 5:30pm, LANG 201

October 3rd, General Meeting Agenda
1. Announcements; Turn in member forms & dues
2. American Indian Heritage Day report back
           - Talk about communication problems
3. Talk about Texas Campaign for the Environment
           - October 10, 5:30pm, BLB 55
4. Talk about Life After College
           - October 24, 5:30pm
5. Make a Difference Day
           - October 26, 8am-12pm
           - Pass sign up sheet
6. Adopt-A-Block
           - Discuss availability and which day to go

- Ashley Givens