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We are a group of students at the University of North Texas in Denton. We focus on educating ourselves and others about the four fields of anthropology, and how they are relevant to our daily lives.
We spend our time giving back to our community (on and off campus), holding events for fellow students, and exploring new ways to have fun.

If you're at UNT, feel free to come hangout! All Anthro majors, minors, and enthusiasts are welcome. :)
Feel free to email us with any comments or questions - anthropeopleunt@gmail.com

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Important Info Regarding Tomorrow's Meeting...

Hello friends! A few important point to keep in mind for tomorrow's meeting...

1. DUES are due TOMORROW NIGHT by 7pm! Our VP of Finance will have change for cash and a Square reader to take cards! If you are unable to make the meeting and pay in person, we also have a link to our PayPal account on the righthand side of the blog.

Dues are $10 for the semester, and help us buy t-shirts, cater food for meetings, go on field trips, etc. If you would like to maintain active membership in the ASA, you must pay dues! Be an active member and help us do fun stuff this semester! :)

2.  We have officially registered for the Big Event today! If you would like to volunteer with the ASA for the Big Event on March 25th and have not submitted your information to our coordinator, please email your NAME, STUDENT ID, PHONE NUMBER, AND MOST FREQUENTLY CHECKED EMAIL ADDRESS to anthropeopleunt@gmail.com.

For more information on the Big Event, click here. We will meet in the library mall around 7:30am on Saturday, March 25th to eat breakfast before we are sorted off to our location. We are able to add volunteers to our roster until Friday, March 3rd at 5pm, so if you would like to join our group please contact us ASAP!

3. Are you artsy? Think you could whip up a really cool design for a new ASA t-shirt? Create a t-shirt design and send it into our email, anthropeopleunt@gmail.com, and in an upcoming meeting we will vote on whose design to choose. We would like to have these shirts before the Big Event (March 25th) or before the end of March, so send your designs in soon!

4. Meetings have been relocated to BLB060 at 5pm every Friday. We apologize to those who were confused by the sudden room switch. It took the officers by surprise as well, but hopefully we have cleared up all confusion and will see everyone tomorrow!

Tomorrow night at 5pm in BLB060! Come hear two of our officers discuss their experiences with utilizing campus and department resources to obtain undergraduate research positions. This is valuable information for anyone hoping to hold a research position on campus before graduating!

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